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Construction Work Regulated?

Who Regulates Construction?


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Construction Work Regulated?

Every aspect of commercial, residential and public works construction is regulated at the state level in Hawaii. Licensure is also required for electricians, plumbers, and to bid on all public works projects. Electricians and plumbers must also be licensed.

Who Regulates Construction?

Applications and licensing information for all types of contractor, individual licenses, or pre qualification may be obtained from:

Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Professional and Vocational Licensing Division
Post Office Box 3469
Honolulu, HI 96801
(808) 586-3000/Fax (808) 586-3031


Applicants must score a minimum of 75% on examinations designed to test knowledge of the trade and the laws and rules applying to contractor licensing. 4 years of supervisory experience within the past 10 years are required. Contractors must pay a fee to the Contractors Recovery Fund. The fund's payout limits are $12,500 per claimant and $25,000 per contractor.

Applicants must provide the following documents with their application:
a. Credit report covering the previous 5 years (or more) on each individual applicant, responsible managing employee, each partner and each officer of a corporation;
b. A current financial statement prepared and signed by a CPA and an independent accountant's report;
c. A current state tax clearance from the Department of Taxation; and
d. Applicants must submit a certificate of insurance for workers' compensation and a certificate of insurance from their insurer showing liability coverage in the following amounts:

Insurance Type / Amount
Property Damage Liability / $50,000 per occurrence
Bodily Injury / $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence

Bonds in varying amounts ($5,000 minimum) may be imposed by the board for a variety of reasons (weak financial statement, etc.). Both the responsible managing employee (RME) and the contracting entity must be licensed. Licenses expire on September 30th of each even numbered year. The average processing time on applications is 90 days.

Application Fee / License Fee / Renewal Fee / Recovery Fund / Exam Fee
$50 / $438-$663 / $208-$353 / $150 / $150

Applicants must pass an open book trade exam by achieving a score of 70% or higher. These fees include a $43 per year assessment for the Compliance Resolution Fund. Licenses expire on June 30th every 3 years.

License Type / Application Fee / License Fee / Renewal Fee / Exam Fee
Journey Worker / $40 $102 - $306 $306 $95
Electrician-EJ Supervising / $40 / $102-$306 / $306 / $95

Electrician Education and Experience Requirements are as follows:

License Type / Educational Requirement / Years of Experience Required / Hours of Experience Required

Journey Worker / 240 hours / 5 years full-time / At least 10,000
Electrician-EJ Supervising / 240 hours / 4 years as a Hawaii licensed or equivalent EJ / N/A
Electrician-ES Journey Worker / 120 hours / 3 years full-time / At least 6,000
Specialty Electrician-EJS Supervising Specialty / 120 hours / 2 years as an EJS or Hawaii licensed equivalent / N/A
Electrician-ESS Journey Worker / 200 hours / 4 years full-time / At least 8,000
Industrial Electrician-EJI Supervising Industrial / 200 hours / 3 years as a Hawaii licensed EJI or equivalent / N/A
Electrician-ESI Maintenance / See below / See below / See below
Electrician-EM Maintenance Electrician: 1 year of experience in electrical maintenance work plus at least 80 hours education; or 2 years of education in the trade with at least 2,000 hours of hands-on lab exercises.

Applicants must pass a closed book trade exam by achieving a score of 70% or higher. The annual $43 assessment for the Compliance Resolution Fund also applies to plumbers. Licenses expire on June 30th of every 3 years.

License Type / Application Fee / License Fee / Renewal Fee / Exam Fee
Journey Worker / $40 / $102-$306 / $306 / $90
Master / $40 / $102-$306 / $306 / $90

Plumber Education and Experience Requirements:
A Journey Worker Plumber - PJ applicant must have 5 years of experience and at least 10,000 hours of experience. A Master Plumber - PM applicant must be licensed as a Hawaii PJ for at least 2 years or equivalent.

Hawaii does not have reciprocity agreements with other states.