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C-41B Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems Contractor (2021-11-29)

The fabrication, installation, repair and service of fire protection systems using foam, gas or dry chemicals, including pressurized storage tanks, valves, associated piping and sensing and control devices.

45 Questions
70% Minimum Passing Score
1½ Hours

The reference material listed below was used to prepare the questions for this examination.  The examination may also contain questions based on trade knowledge or general industry practices. Except for Code books, you can base your answers on later editions of references as they become available.  For Code questions, the examinations will be based only on the edition of the Code book that is listed.

These products apply to test outline dated 2021-11-29

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Open Book These books are allowed while taking your test.
Closed Book These books are for pre-test study only and are not available for use during the test.

  • Open Book

    NFPA 17: Standard for Dry Chemical Extinguishing System 2009

    2009 Edition


    This standard includes minimum requirements for dry chemical fire-extinguishing systems that discharge dry chemical from fixed nozzles or hand hose lines by means of expellant gas.

  • Open Book

    Blank Quick Reference Tabs


  • Open Book

    NFPA 2001:Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems 2012

    2012 Edition


    1.1 Scope. This standard contains minimum requirements for total flooding and local application clean agent fire extinguishing systems. It does not cover fire extinguishing systems that use carbon dioxide or water as the primary extinguishing media, which are addressed by other NFPA documents.

  • Closed Book

    Nevada Fire Marshall Code Chapter 477


  • Open Book

    NFPA 11: Standard For Low, Medium And High Expansion Foam 2016

    2016 Edition


    This standard covers the design, installation, operation, testing, and maintenance of low-, medium-, and high-expansion foam systems for fire protection. Criteria apply to fixed, semi-fixed, or portable systems for interior and exterior hazards

  • Open Book

    NFPA 12: Standard on Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing System 2015

    Publication Year: 2015


    The Standard is prepared for the use and guidance of those who purchase, design, install, test, inspect, approve, list, operate or maintain carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system equipment. Coverage addresses total flooding systems, local application systems, hand hose line systems, standpipe systems, and mobile supplies.