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CR-15 Blasting (Residential/Commercial) (2017-10-18)

The use of explosives and explosive devices for excavation, demolition, geological exploration, mining, or any construction-related blasting. Included is any drilling, boring, or earth moving required for the placement of explosive charges, the erection of temporary shelters, barricades, and associated protective devices, equipment, and enclosures.

80 Questions
70% Minimum Passing Score
210 Minutes Allowed

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    ISEE Blasters Handbook 18th Edition

    18th Edition


    17th Edition's mission is to provide a brand neutral, non-mining methods, blasting reference handbook to help the blaster-in-charge understand the core blasting principles and factor to (1) optimize blast performance, (2) independently make blast designs, (3) assess performance, (4) trouble-shoot problems, and (5) conduct safe and secure blasting operations.

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    NFPA 495: Explosive Materials Code 2010

    Publication Year: 2010


    This code identifies reasonable levels of safety for the manufacture, transportation, storage, sale, and use of explosive materials, It does not apply to transportation of such material used for military purposes or when under jurisdiction of the federal government.

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