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R39/C79S Solar (2018-10-23)

R-39 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Including Solar Scope – Installation and repair of comfort air conditioning systems, including refrigeration, evaporative cooling, ventilating and heating with or without solar equipment. Installation and repair of machinery, units, accessories, refrigerator rooms, and insulated refrigerated spaces, and controls in refrigerators. If necessary, a new circuit may be added to the existing service panel or sub-panel. Excluded is the installation of a new service panel or sub-panel.

C-79 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Including Solar Scope – Installation, alteration and repair of refrigeration and evaporative cooling systems, including solar. Installation, alteration and repair of heating systems of “wet,” “dry” or radiant type. “Wet” systems include steam or hot water boilers and coils, or baseboard converters and are limited to 30 PSIG operating pressure of 220°F for hot water and 15 PSIG operating pressure for steam. “Dry” systems include gas-fired furnaces and space heaters. Installation, alteration and repair of ventilation systems. Installation of these systems includes duct work, air filtering devices, water treatment devices, pneumatic or electric controls, and control piping. Thermal and acoustical insulation, vibration isolation materials and devices, liquid fuel piping and tanks, and water and gas piping from service connection to equipment it serves. Testing and balancing of refrigerant, cooling and heating circuits, and air handling systems.

30 Questions
Minimum Passing Score of 70%
Time Allowed - 75 Minutes

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  • Closed Book

    Solar Water and Pool Heating Design and Installation Manual

    Rev 1992 Edition
    Publication Year: 1997


    The intent of this manual is to equip the reader with the knowledge and skills needed todesign, install, operate and maintain the most common types of solar water heating systems.The manual serves as the textbook for the solar thermal course sponsored and conducted bythe Florida Solar Energy Center. It also functions as a study guide for those intending to takelicensing or certification exams.The manual presents an overview of solar thermal applications, provides basic informationon the principles of solar energy, reviews solar thermal technologies, and provides detailedinstruction on the safe, efficient installation of solar water heating and pool heating systems.The manual is divided into six sections, with each separated into individual modules.