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West Virginia Residential Contractor (2018-07-01)

"Residential Contractor" means a person whose principal business is in connection with the construction, repair or improvement of real property used as, or intended to be used for, residential occupancy or work incidental to the construction or repair. A Residential Contractor is considered licensed for all crafts required in the construction, repair or improvement of a residential structure, as that term is defined in subsection 3.33 of this rule, except those crafts for which local ordinance or state law other than W. VA. Code 21-11-1, et seq, require licensure, such as the electrician's license required by the office of the State Fire Marshall under the provisions of W. VA. Code 29-3b-1, et seq.

The reference material listed below was used to prepare the questions for this examination.  The examination may also contain questions based on trade knowledge or general industry practices. Except for Code books, you can base your answers on later editions of references as they become available.  For Code questions, the examinations will be based only on the edition of the Code book that is listed.

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