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Hanford Site Hoisting and Rigging Manual

Hanford Site Hoisting and Rigging Manual
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Permission has been received from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to use and reproduce portions of standards relating to crane operation and safety. The Committee of Wire Rope Producers of the American Iron and Steel Institute grants permission to reproduce or quote their Wire Rope Users Manual and the Wire Rope Sling User's Manual when used as an editorial reference. Illustrations of lattice boom dismantling/assembly have been reproduced from the Mobile Crane Manual by courtesy of Construction Safety Association of Ontario. The Crosby Group, Inc., has granted permission to use information about wire rope clips and illustrations of swivel hoist rings and rigging techniques from The Crosby General Catalog. Department of Energy, Hanford Site

Shipping Time 1-2 Days
Publisher Department of Energy, Hanford Site, Handford